• Wedding Coordination Information

  • We hold your hand through each and every detail of your wedding

    First, decide if you really need a wedding coordinator. Consider the following:

    • Do you have a demanding full-time job (and does your support crew as well)?
    • Would your fiancé appreciate help and direction for the planning process?
    • Do you feel confident in your knowledge of all the special nuances of customary wedding traditions or etiquette rules?
    • Are you comfortable with delegating tasks to others?
    • Are you concerned that your lack of time will prevent you from planning the wedding you truly desire?

    Rest easy, we are committed to helping you with all of the above and more!  Please know that Covenant Wedding Planners will be as involved as you want us to be – we will not step in to take the planning reigns from you unless that is what you ask us to do. Our goals are to make your dreams come true and to take the stress off of you!

    The Different Kinds of Wedding Coordinators

    Be aware that there are different kinds of bridal consultants and coordinators in the wedding industry. Make sure you know the difference so you can find the right person for your needs. Wedding event planners can be broken down into three main categories:

    Professionals – These are planners who have full-time careers as wedding consultants. Look for a professional who has a degree in event planning or is certified through an accredited professional organization such as the National Bridal Service and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide. (Susan Frank holds this certification).

    Semi Professionals/Volunteers – This is the category your well-intentioned Aunt Judy falls into, as well as the church’s wedding coordinator. Unfortunately, they will not have the contacts with vendors that your professional will have, thus driving up cost.  Also, many churches have a wedding coordinator whose sole purpose is to schedule weddings at their church; these coordinators will not take on the myriad of tasks involved with hiring vendors, ordering invitations, or selecting a menu.

    Site-Specific Coordinators – Banquet halls and hotels often have event coordinators on site to help schedule and oversee events at the site. They can help you confirm your scheduled event and will be the contact person for you when arranging vendors, but their role does not extend beyond their site.

    The Many Roles of a Wedding Coordinator

    If you have decided that you want to hire a professional wedding coordinator, consider how involved you want he or she to be throughout the planning process. An experienced planner is poised to take on the multitude of logistical tasks needed to successfully arrange a wedding. Your Covenant Wedding Coordinator can:

    • Create a master plan for the planning process, along with a timeline that they will help you, your groom, family members, wedding party members, and vendors adhere to. The wedding coordinator will be able to guide you through every stage of the plans to help the event stay on track.
    • Suggest a list of the top vendors who fit your budget and personal style. A successful planner will have many connections within the wedding industry and should be able to secure the best deals for you – since we, in turn, offer the vendors repeat business.
    • Handle ordering, wording, addressing, and mailing the wedding invitations. Of course, you will have the final say in which stationary you want, but a planner can save you a ton of time by overseeing the other invitation tasks.
    • Arrange honeymoon plans, including air fare and hotel, spa, and car reservations.
    • Help select decorations, such as linens, lighting, flowers, and favors.
    • Function as a walking encyclopedia of wedding etiquette and customs knowledge. The planner will help you word invitations, make seating arrangements, and select thank you gifts and favors for your wedding party members, family, and guests.
    • Orchestrate the day’s events from makeup and hair to formal photos to the procession to the day’s conclusion with the throwing of your bouquet.


    Hiring a wedding coordinator can help you and your groom save time and money, offsetting the costs of services, while going above and beyond to help you create a successful, stylish event that will help you and your groom start your new life together.



  • Today, many people have lost the concept of a covenant.  We live in a society where contracts and agreements carry loopholes.  We have forgotten that marriage is not a contract, but a very special covenant between a man and a woman, and our God.  A Covenant Wedding emphasizes the term of the covenant being life long, which is how God sees it, and we ask for God's blessing and protection for this marriage.